The gaze falls over the shoulders of Maggy and Evan on a CEWE PHOTOBOOK depicting the Baker family. The book is called "Our Life".

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My photos, my stories – my life

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is an archive full of beautiful moments, beaming faces and fantastic views. Capturing those moments of the heart is Margreth Baker's greatest passion.

What does happiness actually look like? It's always different with Maggy. Sometimes it's a big grin on her son Ryan's face. Sometimes it's her daughter Hannah cuddling her dog or snuggling with Llama Larry, her favourite stuffed animal. Sometimes it's the vastness of the sea, the height of the mountains, and all those incredibly beautiful photo postcards that she collected on her trips to Dubai, Australia and within Europe.

The Baker family looks together into an open CEWE PHOTOBOOK.
Maggy and Evan relive memories as a family. They look back fondly on their adventures together.

Seeing the pictures printed out awakens a lot more emotions, it really gets under your skin. That does something to you.

Maggy Baker

Quite often, it's a look into Evan's eyes - the man who hasn't left her side since 2012.

The two had a long-distance relationship for the first three years after they met. Spending those early years apart resulted in them placing so much more value on their life together, motivating Maggy to keep capturing their experiences in photo book form. "This is just the beginning," she says, pointing to the many photo books on the shelves. "We will still experience so much together."

Maggy's Design Tips

An open CEWE PHOTOBOOK shows Magy and Hannah in front of and in an airplane. A clipart of an airplane and the text "Let's go to Crete" suggest where the journey is going.

Use clipart to create a common theme

There are many pieces of Clipart to design with, but I prefer something more subtle. That’s why I try to use the design elements very consciously – for example, to mark the beginning of a new topic. The graphics break up the pages, and when they're used in a specific pattern, they create a common theme for storytelling and a coherent 'whole'.

An open CEWE PHOTOBOOK shows a large picture of Maggy and Hannah. On the right is a smaller photo of Ryan and Hannah. Below it is written "HOLIDAY with mum and dad".

Keep your design varied with portrait and landscape photos

I always try to take pictures in portrait or landscape format. This makes it easier to design the photo book. Landscape orientated photos can also be shown perfectly across two pages. I prefer to combine them with a portrait photo by running a large image over two thirds of the double page, then placing a portrait format next to it. This creates additional space for some text - also perfect as a chapter introduction.

An open CEWE PHOTOBOOK shows Hannah on an inflatable flamingo in the pool. On the right side of the book is written "Splashing with my FLAMINGO!".

Match the text colour to the colours that appear in the photo

I used to only use black text for the most part, until I came across the 'Pick Screen Colour' function. In the CEWE Creator Software, under the 'Edit' menu where you'd usually change the text colour, click 'Select a colour' and then 'Pick Screen Colour'. Now, you can pick out any colour you want from anywhere on your screen to apply to your text. I prefer to choose one colour from a nearby photo that stands out the most. This makes everything look a lot more harmonious.

An open CEWE PHOTOBOOK shows Evan on the beach, his daughter Hannah lying on him. On the right side of the book is written "Loving cuddling WITH DAD..."

Have the courage to take close-ups

When I flip through my photo book, I want to feel close to those beautiful moments again. That's why I’m a big fan of close-ups, especially of my loved ones. Emotions show in their little laugh lines and in the glittering of their eyes. You can see these details much better if you enlarge them in your photo book. You relive these feelings as soon as you open the pages.

An open CEWE PHOTOBOOK shows four small pictures of Magy and Hannah, three photos of buildings and the headline "HERAKLION".

Make a flip book effect with similar photos

One look at my smartphone gallery shows I often take several variations of a photo that barely differ from one another. When I'm scrolling, it almost looks like a flip book. I wanted to transfer this effect to my photo book, so I grouped similar photos together in a grid. This looks particularly eye-catching and it's a great way to liven up rigid shots, such as architecture and landscape photos.

Maggy loves to take photos. She uses every free minute to edit her pictures and create photo books. This handpicked selection of images tells the story of her life. Her favourite moments are carefully lined up on the shelf behind her - the wedding, christenings, Hannah's first year. "Seeing the pictures printed out awakens a lot more emotions, it really gets under your skin. That does something to you.”

When friends come to visit, Maggy pulls out the books she has designed herself, then they laugh together and compare how the children have grown. Sometimes, in quiet moments with Evan, they love to reminisce. "The photos always make me aware of the incredible amount we share."

I always have our most beautiful moments in mind with my CEWE PHOTOBOOK. I can touch them, pass them around, share them and experience them again and again.

Maggy Baker

Head and shoulders image of Maggy Baker- smiling

About Margreth

Everybody calls Margreth by her nickname, 'Maggy'. She's constantly energised and likes to be outdoors with her horse. Riding has been one of her hobbies since she was nine years old.. She finds peace while hiking, maintaining her old pick-up truck and editing photos.

Maggy likes: horse-riding, snowboarding, photography, travelling, discovering new things and sofa time with her loved ones.

About Evan

Even though Evan no longer plays football himself, he still loves the sport. These days, he prefers surfing or snowboarding to being on the football field. He is the more calming influence in his relationship with Maggy. The joy of taking photos is one of the things the two of them have in common. While Maggy is more enthusiastic about taking spontaneous portraits, Evan prefers to take his time with the most beautiful landscape shots.

Evan likes: surfing, snowboarding, photography, watching football.

Hannah playing on a jungle gym- smiling.

About Hannah

Hannah takes after Maggy and is a really happy person! Her parents say she's always laughing. She's curious and quickly feels at home in unfamiliar surroundings if she has her cuddly dragon Elliot or her stuffed rabbit Bunny with her. She is just discovering horse-riding, gymnastics and cycling.

Hannah likes: horse-riding, gymnastics, biking and cuddling with Ryan.

Image of Ryan looking back over his shoulder, smiling.

About Ryan

Ryan is constantly exploring. Nothing is safe from his little hands and he observes everything very closely with his big eyes. Llama Larry is his best friend, but he can’t sleep without his cuddly elephant either - unless he’s being rocked to sleep on the terrace again.

Ryan likes: his stuffed animals, cuddling with mum and dad, playing with Hannah.

Something for everyone in the family

Thinking of gifts suitable for your little ones? Create a kids photo book If you want to create something for children to flick through, easy to wipe clean and specially designed to withstand any rough play or teething, perfect for keeping them stimulated and even creating your own storybook!