moments in 2021 printed as a year book with gold embossed cover

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Create A Yearbook with Our ‘Moments’ Template

15th December 2021

And just like that, another twelve months have passed! We hope that it was twelve months filled with unforgettable moments; moments that were extra special because you experienced them together with your loved ones. Turn the treasured memories you’ve made into an everlasting keepsake and use our stylish “Moments” ready-made design template to create a unique CEWE PHOTOBOOK, perfect to reminisce and look back at your 2021 highlights time and time again.

How to Design Your Personalised Yearbook

woman on sofa looking through photo book of snowy photos

To design your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you can either download our free CEWE Creator Software to your computer or use the online editor directly on our website. After you have selected the format, cover, paper type and finish for your photo book, you'll then be met with a wide range of our stylish ready-made layouts and designs. You’ll find our "Moments" design here – the perfect theme for your personalised 2021 photo yearbook.

Bring Your Yearbook to Life

photo book open to 3 photos of autumn moments of family

When you choose the "Moments" template, all pages in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK are already pre-designed for you. All you have to do is add your own treasured memories into the photo placeholders. Simply upload and import your chosen photos and memories from 2021 direct from your laptop or mobile.

Top tip: We recommend sorting your photos beforehand in a specially created folder. By doing the hard work now, you’ll find your yearbook photos with ease and make the design process such a breeze! Just simply drag and drop them into your yearbook or allow the CEWE PHOTOBOOK Assistant to automatically sort them for you.

Customise Your Yearbook

two year in review photo books displayed on the sofa

You can still customise each page however you like. For example, you can edit any existing Clipart that is in the pre-designed template and add new ones too. When you click on your Clipart, you can change its size by using the corner points. Double-click it to view the colour palette and amend to complement your photos – after all, your yearbook is as unique as your 2021 experiences.

Make Your Yearbook Extra Special

When you choose a hardcover for your luxury photo album, you’ll have the option to add our luxurious metallic Highlights to your titles and selected Clipart. Our Highlights are a striking, embossed effect that make your yearbook eye-catching in more ways than one. Available in gold, rose gold, silver and gloss effect, make your moments stand out and complete your yearbook with this perfect finishing touch.

Create A Yearbook with Our ‘Moments’ Template

Add Your "Moments" To Ours...

Go With the Seasons

The “Moments” photo book template is divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. Perfect for reflecting on your year, you'll be able to sort and review your most beautiful memories in chronological order. Remember that you can still customise and adapt the design as you wish, adding any text fields to bring your photos to life with words, in addition to any further Clipart or frames.

family's photo book of photos from the last year together

Add a Splash of Colour

We’re sure you have plenty of photos to fill your yearbook with – and then some! To help add variety and a splash of colour, you can fill some of your photo placeholders with coloured areas instead. To do this, select a single-coloured rectangle under the “Shapes” category in the Clipart menu and drag it to the desired location in your photo book. Click on the Clipart to change its colour. You can use the pipette tool to select a colour from your photos so that it works in harmony with your double-page spread, or choose a colour that complements the season you’re working with.

happy child with ice cream printed in family photo book

Edit Your Photos

To create a stunning and eye-catching double-page spread in your yearbook, you can edit your photos into a similar colour. By double-clicking on any photo within the design software, you’ll open our in-built editor, CEWE Photoshow. You can also edit your photos directly online too. Feel free to add filters, adjust the brightness and straighten out your photos to help create a professional-looking yearbook.

mother looking over family photo book

Showcase Your Best Moments

Choose photos that reflect moments of joy for your photo yearbook. Don’t be afraid to mix portrait shots with wide-angled landscape photos to display the whole story and to showcase different angles. If a photo placeholder seems too big or small, you can move your photo around in it or change the size by adjusting the marked points on the sides and corners. Don't be afraid to change the orientation of your photo book too to suit your creative vision - you can create a portrait photo album when landscape or square are not the right formats!

year in review photo book with summer images

Turn Your 2021 Moments into a Yearbook

Whether you design your CEWE PHOTOBOOK using the Creator Software or online editor, you can conveniently save your project and continue editing it another time – giving you all the time you need to perfect your yearbook.

Feel the enjoyment of collecting your best moments of the year and start creating your personal 2021 yearbook today.

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