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Fun photo projects to enjoy from the comfort of your own home

6th May 2020

Spring has officially sprung, and it’s the time of year when usually we’d be dusting off our camera (or getting out our iPhone!) to snap all the great photo opportunities the season brings and all the exploring we get up too. However, with our ability to get out and about being put on pause, it could seem that our favourite activities are also on hold too.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. While our world might be smaller and confined to our homes, we also have lots of extra time to do all those projects we’ve been putting off, or to take another look at some fun activities that have been under our nose the whole time.

Here are our top activities to have a go at during the downtime.

Explore the World in Your Back Garden

woman playing with young child in a garden

While we might be used to getting out and about when taking new photos, have you ever considered the great photo opportunities that could be in your own back garden? It might have been overlooked until now in favour of places further afield, but only being able to focus on a small space could help you get more creative than having the big wide world to play with!

From snapping birds in your back garden to capturing the flowers on your balcony in a new light, get creative and see what new wonders you discover. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have the whole family at home with you, take the opportunity to upgrade the family photo (or sneak some candid shots!)

Get Round To Putting Up That Gallery Wall

gallery wall of framed pictures in a bedroom office

Always fancied creating a gallery wall but never got round to it? Well now could be the perfect time to dig out those photos you’ve always said you’d put up to create your very own gallery wall featuring your favourite photos and prints. Our Framed Prints are ideal for creating your gallery wall as they offer excellent quality and are also UV resistant which ensures a long and happy life!

Creating a gallery wall can be intimidating, but as a simple rule, start with your largest piece as the central focal point and work outwards from there. If you would like to know more about creating a gallery wall, we have a handy guide to help you on your way.

hexagonal wall art by a chair with lamp

If you’re after something a bit smaller or fancy adding some texture to your space, why not try our hexxas? These beautifully designed geometric tiles slot your favourite prints perfectly together, to create a stand out photo collage that is sure to turn heads.

Play Around with New Subjects

Whether you’re an avid travel photographer or love to snap pictures of your friends, we all have our preferred genres and subjects when it comes to photography. However, with many avenues to our favourite photos now restricted, it could be a great time to discover a new type of photography.

If you live with someone else you could enlist them to be a model and try your hand at portrait photography, or you could give pet photography a go (if you can get them to sit still for long enough!). Living alone? Then try still life photography – playing around with light can help you achieve some interesting effects.

Sort Through Your Photos!

Be honest – how many photos do you really have on your phone or on a memory card , and when was the last time you looked through them all? Research that supported our Pause for a Moment campaign found that the average person takes 1,460 photos a year but 41% of us only look back on our photos a few times a year or less – that’s a lot of photos that aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve!

CEWE PHOTOBOOK on a wooden table

Why not spend your extra time sorting through your photos and make a CEWE PHOTOBOOK? Whether it’s a family photo album, photos from a favourite holiday, a milestone birthday or finally getting round to designing your wedding photo book, creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is sure to put a smile on your face.

Get Creative With Collage

Why not use the extra downtime to flex those creative muscles and create a photo collage of your favourite memories? All you’ll need are prints of your best photos – we have lots of prints to choose from including, Retro, Mini, Square and even stickers, so get creative and print a mixture!

square print montage

You could combine these prints with tokens from your favourite days out and holidays, or cards and messages from loved ones. You could even get the kids involved and turn it into a fun arty project for the whole family to enjoy.

Show Us Your Photo Projects

If you get up to any of the above, or have come up with your very own ideas to pass the time, we want to know! Head on over to our social media channels at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and tag us in your projects.