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How to Visualise Your New Year’s Resolutions

16th December 2020

As we approach the end of 2020, it’s time to start thinking about what we want to achieve in the next year and beyond. This unusual year has most certainly taught us a lot and has made us realise that we took many things for granted: seeing our friends whenever we like, visiting our grandparents and loved ones, in addition to all those exciting trips abroad. Although we can’t predict what’s in store for next year, now is a great time to focus on the future and set ourselves some goals.

We’re all familiar with the usual clichés that come with the turn of a new year, but it really is a great time to reconfigure. Set yourself some goals to focus on in 2021, from big goals like saving up to buy a house or to go travelling for a few months, to smaller achievements that can be attained just by changing some habits, such as seeing your friends more often or drinking more water.

3 backpacking best friends photographer by a riverside

Every year, a lot of us struggle to stick with our New Year’s resolutions. We’ve come up our favourite ways to help you achieve your goals through visual displays that will help you keep motivated and bring your resolutions to life. From goal-setting vision boards to bullet journals, there are plenty of visual ways to manifest your goals, monitor your progress and keep yourself accountable in reaching your resolutions.

A Little Daily Inspiration

Keep your New Year’s resolutions in check with a Framed Print of your favourite motivational quote. Start your day with an instant pick-me-up by hanging your motivational Wall Art in your bedroom. You’ll get the motivation and reminder every time you wake up and every night as you go to bed. Alternatively, hang your motivational wall art in a room that you use often, such as the lounge, your kitchen or the office. The perfect way to keep you inspired to reach your goals every day.

Gold framed square typography personalised wall art print

Goals to Last the Year

Want to travel to Bali this year? Enjoy a trip in a hot air balloon? Skydive or go canyoning? Whatever your dreams, visualise them in a bucket list inspired Photo Calendar. Pick twelve things you’d love to do or achieve this year and add them to your very own personalised Photo Calendar. If you’re super organised, you can put your photos in the order and month you want to achieve them in. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t complete them within that month – you can always keep your bucket list calendar pages for future reference. For example, you could pin them on your wall to visualise your New Year’s resolutions until they become a reality.

If you're ready to give yourself visibility of the year ahead and take joy in penciling in upcoming events and milestones, you might find a wall year planner extremely practical.

Personalised A3 calendar with travel and water sport adventure photos

Create a Vision Board

One of the best ways to visualise your New Year’s resolutions is to create a mood board. Making a vision board for a goal is a great way to keep you on track to achieving the result you want. Whether it’s a specific destination you want to visit or a home renovation project you want to complete, you can make your vision board truly your own. Turn it into a DIY craft project that you can work on and add to throughout the year as you tick off your goals.

Earlier this year, we discovered that over 50% of respondents in our Pause For A Moment campaign felt happy when looking at photos, with 31% saying that photos helped them feel relaxed. What better reason to create your New Year’s mood board with Photo Prints than this alone? Create a collage of photos on your vision board to help keep you motivated, inspired and, best of all, happy – the perfect way to work towards your resolutions.

A ribbon pin board filled with different types of photo prints, retro, mini strips, 6x4 and fine art

Regardless of how big or small, don’t forget to document the goals you’ve achieved too. Small photos like our Retro Prints or strip of Mini Prints will make a great addition to your visual mood board, planner or other goal setting vision board to showcase that special moment and will give you the satisfaction of completing your New Year’s resolutions.

Make it Personal

A Personal Organiser is a great way to keep track of the smaller goals you want to achieve on a daily basis. This could be anything from sticking to a new diet, exercising, or even learning a new skill. On average, it is said to take up to 66 days for us to form a new habit, so what better way to monitor your goals and keep your New Year’s Resolutions than with a Personal Organiser.

Try breaking down your goals into bitesize chunks and give yourself a timeframe to work towards – this will help you to maintain the motivation you need to reach your goals. When you feel that sense of achievement, remember to document it in your organiser and take a photo of that specific moment. Have those significant moments printed as a Retro Print, the ideal size to add to your organiser and bring your New Year’s Resolutions to life. Whether it’s a photo of a new recipe you’ve tried or a new photography skill you’ve learned, you’ll look back on your visual resolutions with pride.

spiral bound daily organiser with personalised photo pages

If a Personal Organiser is too constructed for you, get creative and start a Bullet Journal instead. It’s a creative way to keep track of goals and is said to be a “mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” You start with a blank notebook and use your own handwriting, doodles and drawings to create visual habit trackers, plan out your week, make lists of books you want to read or recipes you want to try. Whatever you want to fill your bullet journal with, the choice is yours! It’s a great way to help you track good habits and break bad ones, all in a therapeutic, relaxing (and aesthetically pleasing!) way.

Set Yourself A Challenge

Instead of focusing on a specific goal for your New Year’s resolutions, why not create a photo challenge that can be achieved over the course of the next year. You don’t have to be a professional when it comes to photography, but we believe it’s important to capture life’s best moments on camera to look back on in years to come. Set a challenge to take a new photo at regular intervals, whether it’s one a month, one a week or one a day. Choose a theme to stick to, such as things you’re grateful for or things that make you smile. At the end of the year, you can combine all of your photos from the challenge into a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK yearbook or Photo Calendar to enjoy those happy moments for longer.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

When setting your New Year’s resolutions, remember that they don’t have to be huge changes or challenges to your life. Remember to document your achievements, both big and small, throughout the year too – you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you reflect on all you’ve achieved.

Share your tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below. Don’t forget to show us the creative ways in which you will be visualising your New Year’s resolutions over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.. Set those goals and look forward to the next year!

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