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Photo Book Inspiration

How to design an eye-catching cover for your 2022 yearbook

In book shops, it is often the cover that makes an individual book stand out among many others. Ideally, it is the first thing we learn about a story. The same applies to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK and its cover. If you design it with love and detail, it arouses curiosity about the content.

The CEWE Creator Software supports you in designing the cover with useful tips and options. You can enhance your images with numerous types of clip art, different shapes, colours and fonts. We have summarised, in four simple steps, the mixture of effects you can add to your cover while designing your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Turn your photo book into something truly eye-catching!

This combination of Gloss Highlights, clip art and frames makes this yearbook impressive.
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The journey to the perfect cover

Step 1: Clipart for finishing touches

You can select from a large number of different clip art choices within the CEWE Creator Software including classic patterns, geometric shapes or small inspirational quotes. You will find templates with corresponding design elements for this purpose. In our example, a round dotted clip art is used within some of the frames. This gives a subtle decorative effect to the cover while not taking focus away from the images, but rather complementing the overall design.

Step 2: Reach your goal with colour

Selecting a good colour scheme for the cover of your book involves identifying the dominant colours in your photographs. This will help you select a colour scheme which you can then repeat in your clip art and other design elements. The sample cover shows how well this method works. If you look closely, you will notice that the pastel tones within the background of the photos is picked up in the design elements. The individual components create a harmonious overall look and feel for your yearbook cover.

The CEWE Creator Software provides you with a huge range of options to customise your design.

Step 3: Finishing touches using Highlights

Amaze your loved ones with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK by adding Highlights to the cover of your yearbook. Add a touch of elegance by applying Highlights to certain areas on the cover and creating a stylish, personalised design.

Step 4: Style your photo book using repetition

The stylistic device of repetition is a popular design choice. By repeating colours, shapes and clip art, you create a harmonious design with a theme that flows throughout your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. The example shows one portrait-orientated frame, which is balanced with seven landscape-orientated frames. The clip art chosen subtly softens this design with an elegant and coherent finish.

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