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Creating Personalised Pet Calendars

8th August 2018

Many people love the idea of creating personalised calendars. There’s fun to be had by including both the favoured and awkward photos from a family photoshoot, pictures of you and your friends on holiday, or perhaps a first birthday or wedding celebrations. But have you ever considered a personalised pet calendar?

Personalised pet calendars are a perfect idea to show someone you care, or a fun way to get creative for your own calendar. It’s an entertaining prospect for your pets, too! From pet photography scenes to keeping them occupied in front of the camera, discover our top tips for creating a personalised pet calendar.

Three Dogs' Noses Under a Blanket

Organise a pet photoshoot

While there are plenty of cat and dog calendars out there (including yoga!), pet calendars don’t have to be limited to your furry friends. Personalised pet calendars are suitable for any pet, from the traditional cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits to the more exotic species:

  • Iguanas
  • Snakes
  • Tarantulas
  • Parrots
  • Bearded Dragons

Ever tried to conduct a photoshoot with a snake? This is where you can really get creative with your pets. If your pet is used to being taken out of its tank or cage regularly, you could try creating mini landscapes on which to photograph them. Maybe set up a Western theme, with a cowboy hat and cardboard mountains? Or, could you put your pet against a tropical poster backdrop? Or even something random like a Star Wars theme with props?

Treats to keep them focused

The trick to keeping any pet focused during a photoshoot is to reward them with treats. Take dogs, for example. Get them to jump up and retrieve a treat, then take an action shot. Maybe your pooch is adept at agility? Get them running up and down seesaws and through tunnels. Not only will this make for an adorable photograph, but your pet will enjoy themselves too.

With cats, you can tempt them up onto different surfaces and obstacles with some delicious titbits. You could even try keeping lizards engaged with the project by feeding them insects, such as grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms. A tongue lunging action shot might be a perfect accompaniment to May…

a wall calendar featuring a family dog

Initiate playtime for action shots

If your cats and dogs are pro playtime participants, getting them to play in front of the camera is a great way to get some action shots. Dangle a toy in front of your cats and encourage them to chase it round in circles. Or it can be as simple as a piece of string – pull it along and capture them running after you. Maybe play tug of war with your dog, or capture the moment they catch their favourite ball? If you’re photographing your pets alone, just set the timer on your camera.

Choose your type of calendar

You can choose from any type of calendar when creating your masterpiece. A square desk photo calendar would be a nice addition to your office workspace, especially if it’s full of amusing pictures of your beloved pets. If you’re creating a personalised pet calendar to give as a gift, a larger A3 or A4 photo calendar calendar would work well.

If you’re looking for something to display in the kitchen, a personalised kitchen calendar combines your pet photography with compact writing sections, so you can keep track of important events easily without taking up too much wall space.

Want to browse through the types of calendars you could create with your pets? See our selection of photo calendars.

Remember their next vaccination

In addition to keeping track of your own important dental or doctor appointments, you can use your personalised pet calendar to remember significant events to do with them. Our calendars are fully customisable, so you can include text and photos for reminders such as:

a sleeping dog on a sofa
  • Pet adoption date
  • Next vaccination
  • Pet birthday
  • Became a parent anniversary – when did your pet have babies?

Or, if your pet has piled on a few pounds and is attending regular weigh-ins, you could make a note of these and never miss an appointment. Getting your pet to perform tricks and run around during your pet photoshoot is a brilliant way to get them exercising and your calendar pages could document their weight loss each month.

Start at any time of year

Lots of people associate calendars with Christmas gift-giving, as they mark the impending start of a New Year and look nice wrapped up under the tree. But calendars can be given as gifts at any time of year! Just select your preferred month and we can create your calendar from there. No need to wait until the New Year to get started.

Creating a custom photo calendar is a fun way to get creative with fond memories and give a loved one something special to display at work or at home. Creating personalised pet calendars is just as exciting as it keeps your pets feeling like one of the family, and means you can get creative with them and have fun experimenting with props and treats. If you need more inspiration, explore our pet calendar ideas and get started on your personalised calendar gifts today with our photo calendars.

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