landscape photo calendar featuring summer fruit cheesecake recipe


Create your own recipe calendar

1st December 2021

Whether you are a fan of baking or know someone who is a master chef in the kitchen, we have the perfect idea for you – create your own recipe calendar! Our Photo Calendars are really easy to turn into a calendar for food lovers alike, featuring a selection of your favourite tried and tested recipes, in addition to new ones you’d love to try! We’ve put together our top tips on how to create your own monthly food calendar, resulting in a beautiful professionally printed Photo Calendar from CEWE.

Share Your Culinary Delights

A Personalised Wall Calendar filled with all your best recipes is a wonderful way to share your favourite dishes and secret ingredients. If you have a friend who is always asking for your recipes or know someone who simply loves to cook, bring together twelve months of recipes into a stylish A3 Photo Calendar.

A4 photo calendar with autumn soup recipe

It’s the perfect size to add an image of each delicious dish per month and accompany it with text for the recipe ingredients and method. Simply drag and drop your photo into your calendar design within the Creator Software and insert a new text box to add your instructions. Each month, you’ll get to view a tasty recipe to try, along with plenty of space to add your appointments, occasions and plans to your personalised calendar too.

Top tip: Assign recipes to each month that match the season, such as Christmas cookies in December and a summer berry cheesecake in June.

Landscape a3 photo calendar featuring image of summer fruits cheesecake.

Keep Your Goals in Check

Are you tired of cooking the same old meals? Do you always bake the same things time and time again? If you’re guilty of sticking to the recipes you’ve mastered (and probably know off by heart!), challenge yourself to twelve months of new recipes that you’ve always wanted to try in your very own personalised recipe calendar. As each month rolls around, you can experiment with a new recipe and use your food calendar as a checklist to tick off your culinary goals.

Top tip: Once you’ve completed your monthly recipe calendar at the end of the year, cut out your favourites to keep for future reference.

chocolate cake recipe printed on a personalised photo calendar for January

A Surprising Gift

Give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year with a personalised food calendar featuring a selection of delicious recipes. By creating your own monthly recipe calendar, you can cater each recipe to your recipient. Whether your baking-obsessed aunt is a vegan or wannabe-chef husband is gluten free, select recipes that you know they’ll appreciate and will enjoy making. A slimline personalised kitchen calendar will work perfectly and can be easily hung in the kitchen, providing your lucky recipient with a new surprise recipe to get stuck into each month.

Top tip: If you have a loved one who’s off to university soon, pass on your traditional family recipes in their very own personalised recipe calendar. It’s the perfect way to keep family traditions alive, even when they’ve moved out for the first time! Plus, it’s the perfect “off-to-uni" gift, filled with comforting dishes for when they start to miss home.

Cook with the Seasons

ginger bread added to December on a personalised calendar

One of our favourite monthly food calendar ideas is to align your recipes with the time of year. As mentioned, you can cook with the seasons and look forward to delicious dishes that will get you excited for the months ahead. From a refreshing recipe in the summer that will cool you down to a warm hearty bowl of soup in the autumn, think about what recipes you’d enjoy the most during each month. You can even add relevant Clipart to further bring the season to life, including snowflakes for winter and bright citrus fruits in summer.

Whisk Up Your Own Recipe Calendar

We’ve given you all the ingredients needed to start creating your own personalised recipe calendar – all you need is your photos and the recipe to simply add into a Photo Calendar! Whether you’re creating it as a gift for loved ones or giving yourself a culinary challenge, a monthly food calendar is the perfect way to keep you inspired with new dishes and delights to try every month. Start designing your own Photo Calendar with recipes today and don’t forget to share your favourite recipes with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Create photo cookbooks instead of a calendar for easy access to your recipes. They make great gifts, especially excellent mementos or heirlooms to pass on favourite family recipes.

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