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Stay Present in 2022 with a Personalised Mindfulness Calendar


Stay Present in 2022 with a Personalised Mindfulness Calendar

27th October 2021

Make that special someone very happy with thoughtful photos and wise words throughout the whole year.

The practice of mindfulness involves being aware of your current surroundings, emotions and your body at that very moment. This form of concentration helps to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and can play an important role in our overall wellbeing. Photos make wonderful prompts for reliving happy moments and peaceful scenes, and research suggests it can even be a health benefit to look back on your photos, making a mindfulness calendar a powerful way to add small moments of reflection to your everyday life.

Here’s how you can create a special gift – or a treat for yourself – and present someone a whole year full of mindfulness with a personalised wall calendar especially designed by you, with your own words and photos.

Explore our range of wall calendars.

Tell Your Stories with Photos and Text

Not only will this enable you to gift mindfulness, creating your gift is also a form of mindfulness too! Grab a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate and awaken your creativity. To do this, make the most of our designs, calendar templates and add extras such as Clipart and text.

Top Tip: Think of some grounding phrases or mantras to help them focus their mind as they glance at their calendar each day.

Plus, it’s so easy to create your calendar using our online editor or in the CEWE Creator Software. The A3 calendar is ideal for larger-scale photos and is perfect for adding your Clipart and messages to help promote mindfulness. 

Exude Calm and Serenity with Landscape Shots

Top Tip: Wide-angle landscape photos are the perfect fit for your mindfulness calendar.

In keeping with the theme of mindfulness, we recommend that you only use one photo per page, so use it well! The large-scale image radiates calm and gives the calendar page a sense of depth, like a gateway straight into your image. Use landscape shots, photos of a favourite holiday destination or images that you know your recipient will love.

Utilise the Relaxing Effects of Nature

Have you photographed an interesting plant, a delicate play of light and shadow or a spectacular sunrise? Shots like these can work well in your mindfulness calendar as they capture the beauty in small moments and encourage you to transport yourself there. If you decide to add text to your calendar design alongside these moments, make sure what you write conveys the message of your calendar too – to be fully present in your current environment with awareness of all those sweet little details in the photo. And if you have to work with a small space such as your desk, our brand new wooden desk calendar is perfect for the job.

Focus on the Essentials

Macro photography is another handy technique to include in your mindfulness calendar. To utilise this photography technique, choose photos that focus on one particular element of the subject. This could be some texture on a flower, a cloud in the sky or detail on a piece of clothing. Remember, even the smallest details of your photos will come to life once printed onto your mindfulness calendar.

Top Tip: To bring the whole page together, use tones from one colour group and make sure it matches with the photo for a calming, aesthetic feel. You could also choose to do this throughout the whole calendar!

Put Your Mind to It

We know how powerful our photos are and just how much they mean to us. By choosing to channel mindfulness into your calendar – as a gift to someone or even for yourself! – you are choosing to re-live a special feeling every time you check the date.

As always, make sure you share your creations with us on social media through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We hope you have fun creating!

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