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7 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

3rd July 2018

Sometimes in life, saying “thank you” just isn’t enough. When a loved one has gone out of their way to help or support you, you want to go out of your way in return to thank them, or repay the favour. We’ve chosen 7 different ways to say thank you, which say so much more than just those two little words…

How to thank someone: give them a gift

Give them a thank you that lasts a little longer, by thanking them with a personalised gift you know they’ll love. Personalised photo gifts are a nice way to say thank you – you can turn one of their favourite photos of you together, into a gift they’ll treasure forever. Here are some creative ways to say thank you, with a picture or two…

1. Send a framed photo

For a creative way to say thank you, why not send them a framed photo? Choose a photo that means something extra special to them – whether it’s a memory from a favourite holiday or a special event such as a graduation. Framed prints are a great way to bring photos to life, and preserve them for a long time. Choose the photo, select the size you want and choose a frame to suit.

2. Something with sentimental value

For creative ways to say thank you, send them something with sentimental value. Give them a personalised gift with their favourite photo or even a movie quote or song lyric. This works particularly well with smaller gifts, such as phone cases. Having their favourite picture or quote to hand all the time, is bound to put a smile on their face – and give them a little boost of inspiration when they need it the most.

3. Show your artistic side

For a very different way to say thank you, make them a truly one of a kind gift. Would they expect to receive photo cushions? Choose two of their favourite photos to adorn either side of their new cushion. They’ll look at home on any sofa or armchair – and what’s more, you can use any photos you like. With our print technology, even photos from smartphones look great on a cushion.

Creative ways to say thank you: a personalised cushion featuring their pet

4. Have a little fun

Wondering how to say thank you in a fun way? Give them a game to play for hours of fun. Jigsaw puzzles are great fun, but why not send one with a twist – create a personalised jigsaw with one of their favourite photos. Landscape photos work well, but why not choose a funny family photo or snap of their beloved pet? They’ll really appreciate you adding a touch of humour to the gift to show how well you know them.

5. Make them something special

One nice way to say thank you to someone is to make something special. If you’re a keen cook, why not create a culinary masterpiece to say thank you? Baking a cake, or a tray of delicious cookies is both fun and creative. You could even decorate your baked goods with your own message – spelling out your message with a letter per cookie is a nice touch. If you’re feeling extra thankful, why not go one step further and wow them by cooking their favourite meal? Give them an evening to remember with a three-course meal like no other. And if you really want to express thanks, don’t forget to wash up at the end! With food-related gifts, you could even go as far as to send them their own photo cookbook, with all their favourite recipes included inside. It’s a very different way to say thank you – they certainly won’t expect it.

6. Send a personalised card

Cards are the classic way to say thank you. But instead of sending a generic thank you card, think about sending something a little more personalised. Photo thank you cards are the perfect choice to thank people for birthday, Christmas or even wedding gifts. Here’s what you should do:

  • Have photos taken of you using your new presents.
  • Create individual thank you cards for your friends and family, with pictures of you and the gift that person gave.
  • Send them out to your loved ones.

When they open your thank you card, they’ll be in for a surprise!

7. Show them in little ways, every day

Knowing how to thank someone isn’t always about giving them expensive or elaborate gifts. Showing them your appreciation means different things to different people – it could be as simple as giving them a hug when you next see them, or the odd spontaneous gesture. Helping out a loved one when they need a little support is a nice way to say thank you. If they’re a parent, offer to babysit for an evening so they can have some time to themselves, without the responsibility of having to look after the kids. It’s the little things in life that mean the most – and they’ll be sure to appreciate your small acts of kindness towards them.

Creative ways to say thank you

These are 7 of our favourite ways to say thank you to your loved ones. From small acts of kindness to physical gifts, there are so many things you can do when saying thank you simply isn’t enough. Discover the selection of special photo gifts we have available at CEWE.

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