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CEWE Photo App

The best way to create your stunning, high-quality and unique CEWE PHOTOBOOK from your phone or tablet.

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Photo Books

Your memories matter. That’s what makes our award-winning photo books perfect for preserving them. Every CEWE PHOTOBOOK is professionally printed, then quality checked and packed at our UK lab.

Inspiration for your travel memories

Capture your favourite moments in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Start creating your photo book with one of our user-friendly templates.

Wanderlust Template Large Landscape 28 x 21 cm • Hardcover with Classic Paper • Gold Highlights



Modern Frame Template Large Landscape 28 x 21 cm • Hardcover with Classic Paper



City Break Template Large Landscape 28 x 21 cm • Hardcover with Classic Paper



Most popular photo book themes

Each photo book is as unique as your experiences. Browse our most popular themes and get inspired to create your own!

Travel Photo Books

A travel photo album makes the best holiday souvenir! Look back over your incredible journeys and amazing adventures, and create a gorgeous photo book to keep those memories fresh forever.

Baby & Child Photo Books

Big eyes and tiny toes, it’s no wonder new parents take so many photographs! These early years fly by, so do something special with all those pictures and create your own beautiful baby photo album.

Wedding Photo Books

You have hundreds of pictures from your big day, so use them to make something really special. Create a totally unique wedding photo album you’ll love looking through together for years to come.

Relive memories of 2022 with a personalised yearbook

Get started with one of our easy-to-use templates.

Moments of 2022 Template XL Square 30 x 30 cm • Hardcover with Classic Paper



Our Highlights 2022 Template Large Landscape 28 x 21 cm • Split by month • Highlights • Hardcover with Classic Paper



Our Year 2022 Template Large Portrait 21 x 28 cm • Split by season • Hardcover with Classic Paper



How to make a photo book

1. Download our software

Our free photo book software is award-winning and intuitive to help make photo book creation easy.

Download Software

2. Upload your photos

Upload photos from your phone or computer. Alternatively, you can import photos from DropBox or CEWE myPhotos.

3. Configure Your Photo Book

Select which size photo book you want to create and configure the cover and paper types.

4. Personalise your design

Personalise your photo album with frames, beautiful templates, Clipart, text and even video.

5. Leave it to us!

We'll print your new photo book in our UK lab and deliver it straight to your door for you to cherish over the years.

Tips, tricks and ideas for creating a photo book

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Let us show you how to transform your memories into a lasting keepsake.
Photo book filled with friendship memories

Your guide to creating a birthday photo book

Each moment you’ve experienced together has its own special memories and feelings that are evoked when you revisit it. With studies showing that looking back at old photos produces a feeling of positive mental wellbeing, taking a trip down memory lane can be beneficial in reinforcing our relationships and bonds with others, too.

How to Create a Personalised Baby Photo Book

Many of us will remember the tradition of keeping a lock of baby’s hair and their tiny hospital bracelet in a book – you may even still have yours – and we’ve got some ideas on how to bring the baby book bang up to date with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, whilst keeping that traditional feel.

Edgertons Gin

Behind the CEWE PHOTOBOOK with London Food Photographer Sue Atkinson

Sue Atkinson is a well-established, professional Food and Drink Photographer who has been commissioned by the likes of Krispy Kreme, Warburtons, McCain’s, Tetley and McDonalds.

Coffee table with photo booksCoffee table with photo books

Make your own coffee table book

A coffee table book is usually an oversized, hardcover book that is filled to the brim with stimulating, eye-catching visuals. They typically refrain from large amounts of text and rely on the imagery to hold your attention.

photo books vs photo albumsphoto books vs photo albums

Photo Books vs Photo Albums

Your precious memories shouldn’t be forgotten – they should be celebrated. And what better way of doing so than presenting them in a photo book or photo album?

4 by 4 gride of photos and text blocks as a family photo book cover4 by 4 gride of photos and text blocks as a family photo book cover

CEWE PHOTOBOOK Cover Design Tips

The beauty of creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is that every single element of your book is designed by you. Your album of special memories begins and ends with the cover; it’s the first impression and the last word on your work.

Your treasured memories, wrapped up in love

Paper types

Make your CEWE PHOTOBOOK even more beautiful with the perfect paper. Choose from six paper types, each of which has been carefully selected for its quality.

Classic Paper (200gsm) Traditional binding, up to 202 pages

Classic Paper is a versatile all-rounder perfect for any book or occasion. Digitally Printed with a semi-matte finish. FSC Approved.

High Gloss Paper (200gsm) Traditional binding, up to 154 pages

High Gloss Paper adds a unique sumptuous depth and brilliant colours to your photos, thanks to a high-quality UV coating. Smudge and moisture-resistant.

True Matte Paper (160gsm) Traditional binding, up to 202 pages

For amateur photographers, professionals and photography enthusiasts. Our True Matte Paper stands out due to its elegance and sophistication. Discover a unique roughened texture and a velvety-matte look on the inside pages and cover, soft contrasts and mild colours. Perfect for photo books with text.

Cover types

Make your masterpiece stand out with a stylish cover. Each cover type is designed to give your creation the perfect finishing touch – the final flourish of style to your extra-special CEWE PHOTOBOOK.