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On My Doorstep: Our Lockdown Photography Competition

20th August 2020

It’s safe to say the past few months have been somewhat strange and unfamiliar for us all, but despite what has been going on in the world around us, photography has remained a constant. Having listened carefully to stories of people using this time to get out and about with their camera and explore their local area, we decided to harness the power of lockdown photography and showcase some of your best captures through our latest photography competition.

Since the beginning of August, our On My Doorstep contest has been open and in search of your images. So far, we’ve been thrilled to see examples of your lockdown activities and daily life as well as photos from people getting inspired to try their hand at photography for the very first time. Join us as we explore the best of your lockdown photography so far.

Appreciate Your Surroundings

Lockdown has made travelling far afield tricky to do, so many of us have been embracing the good old British staycation and deciding to make the most of the area we’re in. If you haven’t yet explored your locality with your camera, you could be missing out on some hidden gems!

‘Keep Your Distance’ – Claire Wallace

Claire from Norfolk took this stunning picture while visiting her local BMX park with her son during lockdown.

‘Sunset on our Doorstep’ – Victoria Balls

Victoria saw the dusky evening sky as an opportunity to stage a mini photoshoot with her daughter in a nearby field in Great Yarmouth. We love the glowy effect she’s created.

Document Your Experiences

All around us are sights we’ve never seen before and experiences that characterise lockdown and the social distancing regulations we’ve come to know well. Plenty of On My Doorstep entries have showcased these through moments captured on camera, such as these two by Richard Lillie and Eleanor Brown.

‘Joy After the Storm’ – Richard Lillie

This ice cream stall in York city centre was photographed by Richard Lillie and represents what it is to see life return to some normality during these peculiar times.

‘COVID Street Art’ – Eleanor Brown

Street art is a hugely powerful storyteller and we love this example shot by Eleanor Brown in Norwich. This colourful display acts as a permanent reminder of this period of time we are living through together.

Visit Somewhere Scenic

Have you taken the time to seek out a nearby picturesque location? Perhaps you’re even living near to one of Britain’s top photography hotspots! Photography is a proven mood-booster, so why not take a trip with your camera to discover the beautiful sights around you?

‘Solstice Chill’ – Richard Burley

When Richard Burley visited the Peak District during lockdown, he captured this incredible shot of a golden landscape across Curbar Edge.

‘Heaven on Earth’ – John Cuthbert

Holidays have looked a little different for many of us this summer, including this impromptu camping trip that photographer John Cuthbert went on.

Test Your Skills

If you already know your way around a camera and have had limited options to practice your skills over the past few months, here’s the motivation you need to remove that lens cap and get back into photography. Even if you are confined to your own home, there are plenty of ways to create a photoshoot without stepping foot outside!

‘Parrot Arrow’ – Victoria Balls

As lockdown began to ease, Victoria took a trip to her local zoo in Norfolk and flexed her photography muscles to capture these two majestic macaws in flight.

‘Milk Splash’ – Richard Bond

Richard put his photography skills to the test from the comfort of his own home in Hayling Island, and we love how he has used everyday items to create this impressive image of a milk splash in a glass.

Enter On My Doorstep

When you submit your photos to the On My Doorstep contest, you also have the option to also be entered into the CEWE Photo Award 2021, the largest photography competition in the world. Find out more here.