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Meet the Henstocks

Meet real CEWE customers Lucy and Wes, along with their sons Hudson and Alfie.


Capturing family memories for Christmas

With two young children, photographer Lucy and business owner Wes love creating memories with their family.

After an amazing trip to New York with sons Hudson and Alfie to where their story began, Wes decided to capture his family’s memories in an extra special festive gift for his partner Lucy – a CEWE PHOTOBOOK - to document a special time seeing a place that’s impacted, transformed, and influenced their lives so much.

Moments that made family history

Having met at university, Wes and Lucy Henstock reconnected a decade later, when Wes was living in New York City. Lucy explains, “After 12 weeks of messaging, Wes said, ‘Why don't you come out for your birthday?’ So, I crazily dropped everything and flew out.”

This was the start of a growing love for each other and New York City. They met here for three years before returning to the UK when their relationship got serious.

We're emotional about New York because we wanted to stay there, but our friends and family are back in the UK, and we didn’t want them to miss out on any children we had together.

Wes Henstock

New York, new memories

The Henstocks' connection with New York is still strong. Their eldest child was named after the Hudson River and both sons have godparents in the city. So, a family trip back there felt like returning ‘home’.

Lucy said, “Everyone thought we were crazy for travelling with a three-year-old and a five-year-old. But we needed to show them our story.” The trip was an opportunity to retrace their own footsteps, said Wes.

Personalise your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Wes started the CEWE PHOTOBOOK to preserve family memories from the holiday. “But then I realised it was a return to some very special moments in our life,” he said. Using Lucy’s photos and a design template in the CEWE Creator Software, Wes created an XL Square CEWE PHOTOBOOK, adding silver highlights and meaningful text to make a personal Christmas gift for Lucy.

Create an XL Square Photo Book

We always talk to the boys about New York and this trip meant they could see it for real.

Wes Henstock

Show your love in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Wes explains, “There are key words I’ve put in the photobook to help Lucy feel positive whenever she looks at it. The word ‘believe’ is particularly important, because, through all our struggles, we’ve always had faith in our love for each other. It’s a bit cheesy, but very special to us.”

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