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Lucy showing the camera her annual CEWE PHOTOBOOK with layflat Classic Photographic Paper.

Customer Stories

Creating timeless memories: A glimpse into our yearbook

Lucy shares how sifting through her digital treasure trove of photos allows her to recall the wonder of the big moments and rediscover those forgotten gems.

As Lucy flicks through the pages of her yearbook, she is reminded of the incredible moments that made this year truly special. Explore how, when creating a yearbook of your story, you can turn your memories into tangible keepsakes that breathe life into your favourite moments.

A heart-warming moment captured in this photo book was Lucy's grandmother's 95th birthday celebration. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the kids had not spent much time with their great grandmother in the past couple of years. For Lucy, seeing them call her "Great Grandma" and the sheer delight on her face as she met her great-grandchildren was an unforgettable memory. It was a testament to the power of family bonds and the importance of cherishing these moments.

An open book with colour photographs printed on all the pages. The photos show a 95th birthday celebration. The people in the photograph are smiling.
Lucy features a significant moment of her year in her CEWE PHOTOBOOK - her grandmother’s 95th birthday.

When you are older and the kids are older it’s so important to look back on these days and things you’ve done together… fun moments, holidays, special everyday moments.


One particular memory stands out - a moment that tops the list for both her and her partner Wes - the family trip to New York City. New York holds a special place in their hearts, as it's where Wes and Lucy first got together. This photo book is a reminder to them of how fortunate they feel.

Lucy sits looking through her annual CEWE PHOTOBOOK
Lucy, feeling proud as she looks back at all the big and small moments from the last year, captured within her yearbook.

A yearbook moment worth including was when the boys participated in a sack and a spoon race. Their painted faces brought out the boy’s pure excitement on the day. Capturing Hudson's joy during the sack race was a highlight and it's a photo they will cherish forever.

As I’m scrolling through all the photos and making a selection, I am reminded of all the events that have happened over the past year. Watching the children grow through the photos…something they are going to be able to cherish forever.


When creating her yearbook, Lucy has her favourite templates, but also enjoys that she can quickly customise pages and change photo sizes for a greater impact. Adding clipart to emphasize emotional or funny images makes each page unique.

Lucy shares some more design tips

The process of creating a yearbook is made simpler with the user-friendly CEWE Creator Software.
A laptop with the CEWE myPhotos app open. The app is being used to collate and file a large number of photographs.

Bring together your photos in one place

I took many photos throughout the year and wanted to keep them in one place, so I had an easier time selecting the best of the bunch for my photo book. I uploaded my pictures from various devices to the CEWE myPhotos app, which was helpful as it sorted my photos by date taken, making it so much easier for me to make my yearbook.

The CEWE Creator Software Assistant being used on a laptop, to sort and select photos when making a yearbook with many images.

Use the Assistant to simplify the process

As I was dealing with many pictures, I wanted a quick and easy way to build my photo book. The Assistant tool within the CEWE Creator Software came to my rescue and became a complete game-changer and time-saver. Thanks to it, I could generate a stunning photo book draft in seconds and enjoy putting the final touches to it.

"A page of Lucy's yearbook with the title 'Autumn' in orange. Next to the title there is a photo of her sons smiling outdoors, dressed in raincoats, with golden leaves visible in the background

Sort by season

I divided my yearbook into seasons and put my photo memories of what the family got up to in spring, summer, autumn and winter into each section. When I needed more space to add more of my beloved memories, I simply added extra pages. It was the perfect way to ensure I had enough room to tell my favourite stories from the year.

An open photo book showing family photographs printed on the pages, alongside a printed QR code. A smartphone is being used to scan the QR code in order to view an online video

Add video

Throughout the year, I recorded many memorable moments on video and wanted to add these clips to my yearbook. The videos appear as QR codes on the page that I can scan and instantly watch my recordings on my phone. These clips are such a fun little addition - hearing voices and sounds along with the photos really helps bring them to life.

An image of the front cover of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK with metallic raised Highlights applied to the title text. The effect makes the title stand out on the cover.

Add Highlights

My yearbook is filled with memories that I will cherish forever. It was important to me that the cover represented the special moments captured within it. I decided to elevate it with beautiful Highlights to create a stunning first impression.

I feel really proud at the end of the year to see what we’ve achieved as a family. We've documented these special moments for our children to look back on, and one day, they'll transport themselves back in time with a smile.


Lucy expresses her creativity by designing a CEWE PHOTOBOOK every year. It allows the family to relive their memories and ensure they last a lifetime. It is a testament to the power of photographs and storytelling, preserving moments that truly matter. For Lucy, photography and photos are everything and her photo books are her most valued possession.