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Personalised Slipcase for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Add a protective finishing touch to your XL Square, XXL Portrait or XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK: a sturdy, high-quality slipcase, ready to design and personalise just the way you like.

Available for XL Square, XXL Portrait and XXL Landscape Photo Books

XXL Portrait Photo Book with Slipcase

Extra big format for favourite stories. Approx. 28 x 36 cm

from € 68.99*

Winner of the TIPA World Awards 2022

Turn your CEWE PHOTOBOOK into a full and finished gift set with protective slipcase.

Wrap your treasured memories up in love

Keep your CEWE PHOTOBOOK safely stored in a sturdy personalised slipcase. Made from a high-quality matte laminated cardboard, our new slipcases are designed to fit perfectly around your photo book, regardless of your chosen paper type or the number of pages you have.

With just a few clicks, you can add your existing cover design to the slipcase, or create a separate design yourself with a wealth of clipart and layout options. Get creative and customise the whole slipcase with any design you like!

The spine of the photo book remains visible through the open side and your CEWE PHOTOBOOK can be easily removed. Its the perfect final touch for a special gift to a friend or family member - or just for your own bookshelf.

To add this option to your order, simply select the option in the shopping basket at the end of the ordering process in the CEWE Creator Software.


Discover a diverse range of design options

A perfect fit

Design a decorative and protective slipcase for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

A stylish companion for your photo book

Our new personalised slipcases are designed to fit your XL Square, XXL Portrait or XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK perfectly. The opening on the left side allows you to see the spine of your photo book when stored on a shelf. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it's easy to smoothly slide your photo book out of the slipcase.

A custom designed slipcase makes for a perfect finishing touch for a special gift and will protect those precious memories for years to come. Design yours today in our free, award-winning CEWE Creator software.


Frequently Asked Questions

The software will automatically suggest a design for your slipcase based on the cover you've already designed for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. You can choose this option to match your book cover or change it as much as you like.

The slipcase opens on the left side and there's a small tab designed to allow you to remove the photo book from the slipcase smoothly and easily. This also ensures that the spine of the book remains visible, so you can see your book title when it's stored on a shelf.

You can find the personalised slipcase for your hardcover XL Square, XXL Portrait or XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK in the current version of the CEWE Creator software (version 7.2.3 onwards). After designing your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you see the option to add a slipcase to your order in the shopping basket.

The slipcase has been developed especially for XL Square, XXL Portrait and XXL Landscape hardcover photo books. Currently, it is only available for these sizes and cover type. The width of the slipcase is automatically adjusted to fit your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, no matter which paper type you've selected or how many pages you have.

Personalised slipcases are only available as an add-on to a hardcover CEWE PHOTOBOOK order. They cannot be purchased separately. Once you finalise your CEWE PHOTOBOOK design, add it to the shopping basket in the Creator Software. In the basket, you'll see a check box option to add the slipcase to your order. Tick this box and you'll be taken to an Editor screen where you can design the slipcase.

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