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Self Care: Create Your Own Motivational Photo Book

24th October 2019

We have always professed our love for the humble photo book, and recently an exciting new idea came to us that we just had to share. A photo book is a place to collate memories, moments and meaningful things, making it a wonderful way to collect together the little things that make you happy. Whether you would like to create a personalised motivational photo book for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone you’re close to, you’ll have a special guide to happiness to refer to whenever you need a smile.

So, how to go about finding the content for your little book of smiles? Here are a few ways to get inspired.

Ask your nearest and dearest

Just by talking to loved ones, you might just pick up a real pearl of wisdom that deserves to be noted down. Grandparents are particularly renowned for their sage advice, but we also recommend having a chat with other family members and friends about what inspires them, makes them feel good or just helps them stay on track. This is also the perfect opportunity to reminisce about old times and shared memories, so get yourselves a nice drink and settle down to talk about things you’ve experienced together. You can summarise these happy memories for your book as quotes, words, photographs or whatever feels fitting to you.

Listen to your heroes

For something you’re sure to connect with, think of well-known people who inspire you and look back at some of their most famous moments. Hearing how they’ve overcome adversity or even just offered advice in a given situation might be powerful enough to strike a chord with you. Some of history’s greatest speeches have come at huge turning points and shaped generations – you may even have one in mind that feels fitting to you. Whatever you come across, if it resonates with you, make a note of it.

Include photos that make you smile

Of course, the main advantage of a photo book is the ability to include your own images! Take a look through your camera roll or digital library and pick out a few snaps that are sure to raise a smile. Photos are wonderful for reliving happy memories and reminding you of things you love, so select a few special pictures you can rely on as a pick-me-up – it could be some happy holiday memories you've saved previously for a travel memory book or just your dog doing something silly, whatever makes you feel good!

When you add photos to your book in the CEWE Creator Software, you have the complete creative freedom to design each page however you like, so be sure to explore our range of clip art, backgrounds, masks and frames to give your book a personal touch that you’ll love to look at.

Harness the power of laughter

They say that laughter is good for the soul, so who are we to argue? When you’re creating your own motivational photo book, keep in mind a few things that have made you chuckle – and we mean really chuckle – throughout the years. It doesn’t just have to be a quote or a joke, perhaps writing ‘bike ride in Budapest’ is enough to remind you of a memory that will have you or your loved one smirking to yourselves as you read it. To find inspiration, take a look through your phone’s camera roll – we bet you’ll refresh your memory of special times and occasions and take you on a trip down memory lane. You might even find a few funny pictures you’ve saved from the internet, too!

Happiness in a book

Take a peep into our flipbook where we’ve compiled 26 of our favourite quotes to inspire and encourage. These include excerpts from famous speeches and quotes from historical figures, music legends and renowned philosophers. We’ve displayed these on backgrounds with splashes of colour, all of which are available in the CEWE Creator Software, to add a bright and breezy feel. We opted for a Small Landscape book, which is the closest size we have to an a5 photo book, but you can easily select a different size if you’d like to go bigger or smaller.

The best part of our little motivational book is that it’s available for you to download and edit for yourself! Just ensure you’ve got access to a PC with the CEWE Creator Software downloaded and then click here for the photo book file. When your file has downloaded, it will appear in the downloads bar at the bottom of your screen. Click it to open, and select “Extract files”.

You should now be able to access the MCF file and the images. The file with the red and white icon is the MCF file, which is compatible with our software. Double click it, and the file will automatically be opened in the CEWE Creator Software on your computer.

Feel free to edit the text and add your own quotes, pictures and personalisations to make it just perfect for your recipient. Pack your CEWE PHOTOBOOK full of special things and we’re certain it’ll be the best gift they’ve received in a while!

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