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Document Your Family History in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Photo Book Inspiration

Document your family history in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

2nd March 2022

We love the idea of family heirlooms - whether it’s jewellery, a piece of furniture, a record collection or even an item of clothing, having something to pass down from generation to generation is very special. However, nothing tells a story like a photograph and even better than a box full of photos is a family photo book.

Close up of family tree photobook

Why You Should Make a Family Photo Book

Living in a digitally focused world, it’s easy to take a photo in the moment and then quickly forget all about it. Instead of keeping memories tucked away on our devices, why not bring them to life in a family CEWE PHOTOBOOK? They can tell the stories of the moments that you never want to forget and can be revisited time and time again.

Family photo books are a perfect way to bring the people you love the most together - not just in viewing the photos but by prompting your loved ones to contribute their own stories to be included too.

young children looking over family photo book

Tell the magical tale of how your grandparents met, through photographs, interjected with stories. Get your siblings to share fun stories from your childhood together. Make a book for a big birthday, filled with people’s favourite memories of a relative. Create baby's first photo album to mark the arrival of a new family member - the possibilities are endless!

Family Photo Book Ideas

Beyond simply being a family tree album book, you could create multiple books for special occasions. Our families are more than just names and faces - everyone has their own unique story to tell.

mother and son looking through personalised photo album

A fun idea for children is to give them a camera at a family occasion and get them to document it through their eyes then make it into a small photo album, either as a keepsake or as a gift to relatives.

You could even create photo books for the first few years of their lives. This is the beauty of family photo books, there are so many fun ways to approach making them and they will always be unique.

We also love the personalised kids board book because you can create a fun story for them that introduces their family to them and it’s a great way to help with their fine motor skills and communication.

It’s Time to Design Your Family Photo Book

Whether you’re making a fun family photo book full of silly snaps, a family tree album, or a photo book for a new addition to your family, designing is going to be half of the fun. We’ve made it easy for you to get started with our ready-to-go templates. Here, we delve into the template ‘Old Photo Album’ to help you to create your family photo book:

Template: ‘Old Photo Album’

This layout works particularly well for a more traditional feel so if parents or grandparents have a special anniversary coming up, we think this design looks lovely and would make for a fantastic portrait photo album. Use the space at the top to write a little bit of text - maybe the year the photo was taken or who’s pictured and what was happening at the time.

black and white photo book showing older relatives of family.

The CEWE Creator Software is great for design because you can save your work in progress, as you collect photos and stories to be included. You also get to keep the files forever - which makes it super easy for you to edit the designs, resize, order additional copies and even include new arrivals when they come along.

Design tip: Family photo books lend themselves perfectly to becoming leather photo albums - a memento that you'll get to keep forever, in a cover that will stand the test of time and look timeless. Exclusively available through CEWE Creator Software.

Memories to Pass Down Generations

Memories to Pass Down Generations

Once you have created your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, you can print as many copies as you like to gift to all your family members. In an age where convenience is key and digital is championed, this thoughtful way of preserving your family legacy will mean so much to so many people. Happy creating!

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